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At Mahan Creek Dental Office, we are working hard to get everything in order for our 4th annual Dentistry From The Heart, which will be held on Friday, October 4! Dentistry From The Heart is non-profit organization dedicated to providing FREE dental care to those who are in PAIN and need relief through a dental extraction. Patients are seen on a first come, first served basis. We will begin registration at 7am and end at 10am, and we will see the first 150 patients.

For additional information, click on the link below or call us at (205) 665-2723. Thanks, and have a blessed day from Mahan Creek Dental Office!
Mahan Creek Dental, housed in a historic log cabin with additions, is located on the scenic Mahan Creek in Brierfield, Alabama. Despite its rustic appearance, the dental office houses state of the art equipment that is the latest in dental technology, is fully handicapped-accessible, and provides a free Wi-Fi connection for patients to use. Patients are also welcome to wander the beautiful grounds.
At Mahan Creek Dental Office, everyone on staff takes genuine pride in providing patients with meaningful personal experiences as well as dental care. We respect the total health needs of our patients in an environment where you are not a number but a name. Dr. Mahan and the entire dental team understand that patient care cannot be rushed.
We have adopted the principles of L. D. Pankey, one of America’s foremost dental educators, who believed that dentists not only have a moral obligation to do their best for patients, but also that they should value personalized care above all other considerations. Our dedication to your oral health and to you as an individual assures you careful explanations and personal attention. You can expect our time to be generous and totally devoted to your treatment decisions, so that you enjoy a lifetime relationship with us … and with your teeth.